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Turn Up The Heat With Crompton’s Instant Water Heaters (redirected from turn up the heat with crompton’s instant water heaters)

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The monsoons bring some much-needed respite from the hot summer months. With the changing climate, a pleasant drop in the temperature is also experienced. A common sight during this season is the increasing need for warm or hot water which helps reduce your chances of falling ill.

It is for these reasons that the instant water heater is essential, especially during the monsoons. With the use of these heaters, water heats up quickly and helps you protect yourself from bone-chilling showers that are bound to make you fall sick. Not just that, they also provide you with just the right water temperature for those perfect hot water showers!  


Benefits of Water Heaters


Water heaters are the best way to enjoy a comfortable showering experience since you get warm water whenever you need it. These heaters have become more energy-efficient over the years and with improved technology, they ensure that you conveniently get warm water at any time of the day! 


Features of Instant Water Heaters


The Crompton water heater provides you with a wide variety of choices and some fantastic features. These water heaters have a tank capacity of 1-3 litres which stores the water temporarily after heating. How does it heat up? Well, when you turn the heater on, the cold water enters through a pipe and gets heated up using an electrical unit which allows you to get a constant supply of hot water.


The features you get with instant water heaters are powerful heating element, durability, safety, tank capacity, anti-siphon protection and smart LED indication.


The 3000-watt copper element ensures that water heats up in no time and is available at any time of the day. The hassles of waiting for water to heat up is now a thing of the past! The rugged ABS body and non-ferrous plate protect the heater from corrosion and ensure longer life.


The precision precalibrated automatic thermostat and pre-set thermal cut-out ensure safety against high temperatures. If the temperature exceeds the permissible limits, the power supply is cut off. The instant heater is protected from dry heating with the overheat safety feature. There is a risk in terms of excessively hot water burning your skin if there is no overheat safety feature.


Backflow is a significant problem as excessive pressure is exerted on the heat exchanger of the reservoir leading to tank failure. In these instant heaters, the backflow of water from the tank is prevented by the anti-siphon system. You know when the water is ready with the twin LED indicators for ‘power on’ and ‘heating.’

Check the specifications of the water heaters like star rating for energy savings, tank coating, tank capacity, pressure and wattage before buying. The higher the

star rating, the higher your savings on electricity bills. 


Check the BEE rating before you make a decision. The tank capacity will depend on your hot water requirements. If they are higher, go for a heater with a higher tank capacity. You can choose between a 1-Liter and 3-Liter water tank. 


The tank coating is essential since it provides corrosion protection for your heater, ensuring durability. You have a choice of glass line and polymer coating. 


Pro Tip: If you are staying in a highrise building, you will need the right pressure for keeping water flowing correctly depending on which floor you live on. So, make sure to check the pressure bar before you buy the heater! 


Quality Water Heaters To Keep Illnesses Away


The instant water heater, which is one of the best water heaters in India, will ensure instant heating and minimal energy consumption. These heaters last long since they are designed with durable material, making it a worthwhile investment. Shower in comfort all year round with Crompton water heaters and be free of cold-related health problems!


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